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Plastic mold cavity number in the main design basis

Plastic mold cavity number of the main design basis to ensure the best production efficiency, technology and to fully guarantee the quality of products, namely should guarantee the plastic parts of the best technology economy. Today the dongguan Plastic mold factory, editor of the show together cavity number and main design basis.

(1) the goods weight is the measure of the injection and injection machine.

(2) products projection area and the clamping force of injection machine.

(3) the mold dimension and injection machine mould installation of effective area. (that is, the injection machine bar spacing)

(4) precision products. (the number increase, precision plastic pieces of the corresponding is reduced, according to the experience value, each adding a cavity, plastic parts size accuracy by 4% ~ 8%)

(5) the side core-pulling and its processing method.

(6) products of the production batch. Batch or in batch (month)

(7) economic benefits. (each mold production)

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