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Selection principle of parting surface in plastic mold manufacturing

Today is September 5th. The school has already started school, and it is still at work. No matter how the earth or the non-stop rotation, the effort is one day, decadence is also a day, whether it is hard work or decadence is exactly what you choose. Ok, today I introduce the selection principle of the parting surface in the production of plastic molds.

In the plastic design stage, the shape and position of the parting surface should be considered during molding, otherwise it cannot be molded by the mold. In the mold design phase, the position of the parting surface should be determined first, and then the structure of the mold should be selected. Whether the design of the parting surface is reasonable, it has a great influence on the quality of the plastic parts, the difficulty of the process operation and the design and manufacture of the mold. Therefore, the choice of parting surface is a key factor in the design of injection molds.

The selection of the parting surface should follow the following basic principles:

1. Conducive to ensuring the appearance quality of plastic parts;

2. The parting surface should be selected at the largest section of the plastic part;

3. Keep the plastic parts on the side of the moving mold as much as possible;

4. It is beneficial to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the plastic parts;

5. As far as possible to meet the use requirements of plastic parts;

6. Minimize the projected area of the plastic part in the direction of the mold clamping;

7. The long core should be placed in the mold opening direction;

8. Conducive to exhaust;

9. Conducive to simplifying the mold structure.

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