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The choice of plastic die steel and introduces three

In front of the editor of Jiezheng mold  plastic die steel has written two articles about the selection and introduction, mainly for everybody today is to introduce the choice of plastic die steel what is the most important and most decisive factor. There are mainly four aspects:

The first factor is the forming method, can choose from two types of basic materials:

1. The hot working tool steel, it can withstand the die casting, forging and extrusion of relatively high temperature.

2. Cold work tool steels, it is used for blanking and shear, cold, cold extrusion forming, cold forging pressure molding and powder.

The second factor is a type of plastic injection molding, plastic will produce corrosive by-products, such as PVC plastic. Long shutdown caused by condensation, corrosive gas, acid, cooling/heating, water, or other factors, such as storage conditions also can produce corrosion. In these cases, it is recommended to use stainless steel material of die steel.

The third factor is the size of plastic moulds, large size die hard steel is often used. The hardened steel is often used in small size mold.

Finally is a key factor in mold usage:

1. Use for a long time (1000000) mold high hardness steel should be used, its hardness is 48-65 HRC;

2. Medium used for a long time (100, 000 to 1, 000, 000 times) mould should use hard steel, the hardness of 30-45 HRC;

3. Use short time (surface roughness - many plastic mold manufacturers interested in good surface roughness;

4. When adding sulphur improves performance of the metal cutting surface quality will decline. High sulfur content of steel has become more brittle.

What the above four factors is choosing a plastic die steel is one of the most important and the most decisive factors, everyone engaged in plastic mould industry of the broad masses of friends can refer to reference when choosing die steel.

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