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The selection of plastic mould steel and introduces

The selection of plastic mould steel, plastic mold steel mold, though there is no "general", but P - 20 steel is considered to be multi-purpose steel industry. Jiezhen mold below small make up to introduce the introduction of P - 20 steel.

Hardening in advance to the RC 30-32 state of this kind of steel is very hard, but it is quite easy for processing. When the cavity size than 12 * 12 * 12 inches (303.6 * 303.6 * 303.6 mm), it is a good steel should be taken into consideration, because the size of the heat treatment, its cost and relevant risk must be strictly controlled. When already predict mold cycle is not more than 500000 times, P - 20 steel can also be used for small size of the cavity, to save the time and cost for heat treatment.

When manufacturing P - 20 steel body mould, need to have a slider, lifter, other oblique guide pin and activity, suggest that these activities steel by different alloy and the hardness of the steel, in order to reduce wear and tear or high adhesion abrasion. Manufacturing large P - 20 steel body mold is the usual practice, using the heat treatment to RC50-52 hardness of H 13 steel body slider or lifter, and/or use of hardness in RC 55 to RC 58 local friction within the scope of the steel surface.

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