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The choice of the parting surface plays a key role in the plastic mold

Today is September 16, and instantly came to mid-September, soon to October 1 Golden Week. Engaged in Dongguan plastic mold industry friends, you want to spend a good ride through the October 1 Mid-Autumn Festival, if you want, it would be good in September to do it Today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to introduce the choice of parting in the plastic mold play a key role.

In the design of the injection mold, the design of the parting surface is very critical, and the result of the design will directly affect the mold structure, the mold processing difficulty and the mold design and manufacturing cost. Since the design of the parting surface has different results for the same product, Partial design to determine a certain degree of difficulty.

Partial design principles:

1, to ensure the appearance of the product quality and accuracy.

2, to ensure that the mold parts molding rigidity.

3, sub-surface should be conducive to the side of the core.

4, sub-surface should be conducive to plastic parts stripping.

5, sub-surface selection and design should be conducive to processing and manufacturing.

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