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The choice of plastic mold gate position should follow the principle

Today, go to the weekend, Ching Ming holiday just recently, and now have a holiday, ok, do not think too much, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor as usual as today, today we bring plastic mold gate position selection should follow the rules.

The choice of gate position should follow the following principles:

(1), the gate position from the cavity of the various parts of the distance should be consistent, and make the shortest process.

(2), the location of the gate should ensure that the plastic into the cavity, facing the cavity in the wide, thick wall parts, so that the smooth flow of plastic.

(3), to avoid the flow of plastic into the cavity when the cavity wall, core or inserts, so that plastic can flow into the cavity as soon as possible, and to avoid deformation of the core or insert.

(4) try to avoid the product to produce weld marks, or make it weld marks in the product does not need the site.

(5), the gate position and its inflow direction, should make the plastic into the cavity, can be along the cavity parallel to the direction of uniform inflow, and is conducive to the cavity of the gas discharge.

(6), the gate position should be the most easily removed parts of the product, at the same time, as far as possible does not affect the appearance of products.


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