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A brief introduction to polypropylene (PP) plastic used in plastic molds

Believe in the Plastic mold factory industry friends know more, plastic molds used in a variety of plastic models, but there are some of our frequently used, such as plastic mold commonly used in polypropylene (PP) plastic, edited today for everyone to briefly introduce the plastic mold used in the polypropylene (PP) plastic.

(1) Physical characteristics:

Polypropylene colorless, tasteless, non-toxic. More transparent than polyethylene, lighter. It does not absorb water, glossy, easy to color. Dielectric, water resistance, chemical stability, easy processing and forming. Can be 100 ℃ above the temperature of sterilization, the minimum temperature of up to -15 ℃. Compared with the PE: shrinkage; mechanical properties, especially bending fatigue strength, high tensile orientation after the polypropylene can be made hinge,

(2) use

Production of various mechanical parts such as flanges, fittings, pump impellers, auto parts and bicycle parts

Water vapor, various acid and alkali piping, chemical containers and other equipment lining, surface coating

Cover and body of the box, a variety of insulating parts.

(3) forming characteristics

Forming shrinkage range and shrinkage is easy to shrinkage, dent, deformation, strong direction; excellent mobility easy to shape; injection molding mold must be designed to fully cool the cooling circuit, and pay attention to control the forming temperature.

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