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What is the injection molding of plastic mold

Today is December 24, is commonly known as the southern off-year, dongguan Plastic mold factory has mostly is believed to have holiday, but there are still many companies reduced at last in the race against time. Today to edit and everyone to share what is injection molding of plastic moulds.

A, the injection molding principle and process:

Is a main processing method of thermoplastic plastic molding

1, clamping, feeding, heating, plasticizing and extruding

2, injection pressure, cooling and solidification, finalize the design

3, screw plastic embedded, ejector

Second, the injection molding equipment

< a > the classification of the injection moulding machine:

< 1 > : according to the use of thermoplastic plastic injection molding machine, thermosetting plastic injection moulding machine

< 2 > according to appearance: vertical, horizontal, Angle type

< 3 > according to ability: small (< 50 cm injection volume, medium (50 ~ 1000 cm ^) large > 1000 cm ^

< 4 > according to the plastic tumble: have plasticizing unit, a plasticizing unit

< 5 > according to the operation: manual, semi reversing, automatically

< 6 > press around move: mechanical moving around, the hydraulic moving around, mechanical hydraulic moving around

< 2 > the structure of the injection molding

1, tight around the injection: hopper, plasticizing unit (nitrogen-treated barrel, screw, electric heating rings) nozzle.

2, clamping tight around: mould open-close, lock, plastic parts ejection.

3, transmission control tightly around the operation.

< 3 > injection machine models, specifications, the basic parameters

1, the general with the injection volume of injection machine capacity, Xs - ZY, 25, said: a biggest injection quantity to 1-25 cm ^ type screw injection molding machine.

2, the basic parameters: the nominal volume, injection moulding pressure, injection pressure, injection speed, injection power, plasticizing capacity, die and mould opening rate, number of shield machine gap, the maximum forming area, template size, the distance between the template, the template process.

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