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The significance of plastic mould processing procedure

Plastic mold processing process is to engage in mold manufacturing process, before the mold processing and manufacturing, the preparation of a guide throughout the production process of the process of technical documents.

It is the design of the mold structure and components of the mold, in the organization before the construction, the process of further review, to determine the structure and size of the design is reasonable, and proposed amendments. Then according to the structure shape and size precision of the parts, the construction technology plan, inspection method, equipment and work out the time quota, calculation cost and so on.

Technically advanced, economically reasonable technical rules once determined, it has become an important guide to the production of documents, the actual production of the plant is in accordance with the provisions of the processing process and the various processes carried out. In accordance with the process of production, can ensure product quality and higher labor productivity and economy, make the mold to meet the requirements of high quality, low consumption.

Technical specification can also be used as the basis for technical preparation and production preparation. As for raw materials, semi-finished products and parts supply, cutting tools, fixtures and gages and tool electrode design, manufacturing and procurement staff and equipment, etc.. A reasonable technical procedures, can make the production to be orderly, stable and efficient. At the same time, but also to achieve the purpose of ensuring the quality of mold products and reduce costs. Therefore, the preparation of the mold process planning, is the manufacture of mold, the organization of the production of an indispensable important work.


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