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Plastic mold gate location to improper choice of adverse consequences

Dongguan Plastic mold factory today small make up take you take a look at, plastic mold gate location to improper choice of adverse consequences.

Because the gate often left obvious mark, and therefore cannot be set on the appearance of high surface area. In any gate area will produce high stress (shear), will significantly degrade the performance of the plastic resin. Do not contain plastic fusion line quality of reinforced material was obviously higher than that of reinforced material plastic fusion line quality.

Attenuation factor and packing and the quality of the fusion line area has a lot to do with the type and content of reinforced material, processing AIDS, such as flame retardant additives have adverse effects on the quality of fusion line.

Therefore, it is difficult to assess these factors how strong the impact of ultimate strength of parts. Moreover, fusion line area has a high bearing capacity under tension does not mean that it's good fatigue resistance and impact resistance ability.

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