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The basic process of plastic mold mechanical polishing

Jiezhen mold of  make up yesterday to introduce what is plastic mold mechanical polishing, today show everyone generally in plastic injection mold mechanical polishing process.

In order to get high quality polishing effect, the most important thing is to have a high quality oil stone, sanding and polishing tools such as diamond grinding paste, and AIDS. And polishing procedures after the choice depends on the early stage of the processing surface condition, such as machining, electrical discharge machining, grinding, etc. Mechanical polishing general process is as follows:

(1) coarse behind after milling, edm, grinding process such as the surface of the rotational speed can be selected in 35, 000? The rotation of the 40, 000 RPM surface polishing machine or ultrasonic grinding machine polishing. Commonly used methods include using Φ 3 mm in diameter, the wheels of the WA # 400 to remove white edm layer. Then the manual oil stone grinding, strip sharpening stone and kerosene as a lubricant or coolant. Generally the use of this order # 180 ~ # 240 ~ # 320 ~ # 240 ~ # 600 ~ # 800 ~ # 1000. Many mold manufacturers in order to save time and select start from # 400.

(2) a fine threw the semi finished mainly use sand paper and kerosene. Sandpaper the number in the order: # 400 ~ # 600 ~ # 600 ~ # 1000 ~ # 1200 ~ # 1500. In fact # 1500 sandpaper only suitable for hardened steel (52 HRC above), and is not suitable for hard steel, because it may cause burns on the surface of the pre hardened steel.

(3) the essence behind mainly use diamond grinding paste. If mixed with polishing cloth round diamond grinding powder or paste grinding, is usually the grinding order is 9 microns (# 1800) to 6 microns (# 3000) ~ 3 microns (# 8000). 9 microns diamond grinding paste and polishing cloth wheel can be used to remove # 1200 and # 1500 # sandpaper hair left by the grinding crack. With sticky mat, and then polished diamond grinding paste, the order of 1 1/2 mu mu m (# 14000) ~ m (# 60000) ~ 1/4 microns (# 100000).

Accuracy requirement in more than one mu m (including 1 microns) of polishing process in the mold processing workshop in a clean polished interior can be achieved. If a more precise polishing is an absolutely necessary clean space. Dust, smoke, dandruff and saliva foam can be discarded after several hours of work to get high precision polishing surface.

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