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The development of plastic mold technology in the present

Seeing the end of April, Dongguan Plastic mold factory is now the prime time of business, the major peers, you catch this prime time yet? Edit me because of something and delay the two days did not update the site, today for everyone under the plastic mold technology in the current development.

With the rapid development of China's current economic situation, China's manufacturing industry has also flourished under the "slogan of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation", and mold technology has become one of the important symbols to measure the level of manufacturing in a country , Mold industry can promote the development of industrial products and improve the quality, and can get great economic benefits, which has aroused great attention and appreciation of all countries. In Japan, the mold is known as "the driving force behind the wealthy", Germany is crowned as "the metal processing industry emperor", in Romania is more direct: "mold is gold." We can see the mold industry in the national economy an important position. China's mold industry is also very important to the development, as early as March 1989 promulgated the "national industrial policy on the main points of the decision", put the development of mold technology as the primary task of the machinery industry.

 In recent years, the production of plastic molds and the level of development is very rapid, high efficiency, automation, large, long life, precision molds in the mold production war ratio is growing. Injection molding mold is the first plastic in the injection molding machine heating cylinder, the plastic heat fusion, the injection molding machine in the screw or plunger driven by the nozzle and die casting system into the mold cavity, where the plastic Curing molding.

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