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Principle and Characteristics of Plastic Mold Injection Molding

Injection molding, also known as injection molding, through the injection machine to achieve. The basic role of the injection machine: (1) heating the molten plastic, so that it reaches the viscous state; (2) on the viscous plastic applied high pressure, so that into the mold cavity. Dongguan Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to tell us in detail.

(A) plunger injection molding machine injection molding

    1, molding cycle (explain)

    2, injection molding problems

       (1) plasticization uneven (plasticized definition)

       (2) injection pressure loss

       (3) increase in injection volume is limited (explain)

(B) screw injection molding machine injection molding

    First, the dynamic mode and die closed, the hydraulic cylinder piston to the required pressure and speed, will have been melted and accumulated in the barrel at the end of the plastic into the mold cavity through the nozzle, then the screw does not rotate, After a period of time, the piston pressure disappears, the screw began to turn into the pre-plastic stage. In the pre-plastic process or a little longer time, has been molded plastic parts in the mold cooling hardening, completely hardened, the mold open, the role of the launch mechanism, the plastic products are ejected mold, complete a working cycle.

(C) screw injection molding with the plunger injection molding compared to:

   1, screw injection molding can make plastic in the barrel to get a good mix and plastic, to improve the molding process, improve the quality of the products;

  2, to expand the scope of injection molding plastic varieties and the maximum injection volume, for heat-sensitive plastic and poor mobility of plastic and large and medium-sized plastic products, generally available mobile screw injection molding machine.

(D) the characteristics of injection molding

   Advantages: 1, the production cycle is short;

         2, high productivity;

         3, easy to use computer control;

         4, easy to achieve automated production;

         5, the product accuracy is easy to guarantee;

         6, for a wide range of applications.

    Disadvantages: equipment is expensive, mold complex.

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