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The definition and development process of mold

Mold is the use of the specific shape to molding with a range of shapes and sizes of products. Widely used in all kinds of materials processing industry with all kinds of mold, such as the use of sand mold casting metal or die casting mould, metal pressure processing used by the press mold, cold press mold and forming ceramic, glass and other products used in all kinds of mold.

Mold as the tool of industrial production, is nearly 100, 100 - formation of the concept, its development can be divided into four stages:

1. The manufacturing stage, the main tools for sawing, filing, hammer and chisel;

2. The mechanization and semi-mechanization stage, lathe, planer, become the main mould processing equipment;

3. The industrialization stage (1930 s ~ 70 s), research and development success, Cr12, hard alloy, high speed tool steel die steel mold and molding materials, began using edm;

4. Mould manufacturing stage (since the 1970 s), with the development of computer and modern machine tool industry, gradually formed to mold, mold design and manufacture of standard to the integration of modern mold production system, and popularizing the CAD/CAM/CAE system.

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