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The function and design of product wall thickness in plastic mold

Today is September 27, 2022. In a few days, it will be the golden autumn and October, and it will soon be the National Day Golden Week. This year's off-season for plastic mold factories is relatively long! Today, I will introduce the function and design of product wall thickness in plastic molds.

1. The role of product wall thickness

(1) Make the product have a certain structure and certain strength and rigidity to meet the use requirements of the product.

(2) It has a good flow state during molding (such as the wall should not be too thin) and filling and cooling effects (such as the wall should not be too thick)

(3) Reasonable wall thickness enables the product to be ejected from the mold smoothly.

(4) Meet the strength requirements of insert fixing and parts assembly.

(5) Prevent warping and deformation of products

2. Design of product wall thickness

Basic principles---Uniform wall thickness, namely: mold filling, uniform cooling shrinkage, good shape, high dimensional accuracy, and high productivity.

(1) Under the condition that the product structure and use requirements are met, the wall thickness should be as small as possible

(2) The design of the wall thickness of the product should be able to withstand the impact and vibration of the ejector device.

(3) There must be sufficient thickness at the connection and fastening of the product and the embedding of the insert.

(4) Ensure the strength required during storage and handling.

(5) Satisfy the wall thickness required for mold filling during molding, and avoid melt fracture or wall thickness that is prone to depression.

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