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Plastic mould parts ejection

Plastic mould parts ejection can be completed in several ways. Using the stripper plate is the most desirable method, because of its larger contact area.

The greater the contact area of ejection device parts, mold parts induced stress is smaller, the chance of a integrity, thus can get a better size and reduce the damage of the parts. Use mold release lever is stamping out another kind of commonly used method, because it is good and parts of the interface. The ejector pin is a common way to stamping out. To get the best results, use the abundant of ejector pin is very important.

In the design, should consider the ejector pin with sufficient area, in order to prevent the compression surface of resin. At the same time, the ejector pin should be placed properly, don't make the product produces stress. Top cover for bulge parts, recommended. When the correct design and polishing, GE resin in general there is no need to use the external release agent. For thin rib taper the smallest die line or a vertical plane, it is recommended to use stretch polishing. In extreme cases, using a variety of mold electroplating process, the product can help out.

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