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The method of temperature control in plastic mold production

Time flies like an arrow. Unconsciously to July 1, the past half a year in a twinkling of an eye, today is the party festival, is the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China. The editor of dongguan Plastic mold factory is here to wish our great motherland more and more prosperous. Today, we will introduce the method of temperature control in the process of plastic mold production.

1. Liquid control method

Cooling media usually adopts cooling water, warm water and oil to circulate in the cooling hole to achieve the purpose of temperature control. The cooling hole should be as large as possible but should not hurt the ejection pin, guide pin, die hole, die core and strength, etc. The access of media should also be determined according to the present situation and temperature difference of its circulation order. In terms of flow, a large amount of flow is required to minimize the difference between liquid temperature and mold temperature.

2. Electrothermal control method

When the mold temperature must be maintained above 100℃, most of the electrothermal control method is adopted. In order to make the electric heater closely fit with the mold, it is usually made of the special form of the mold, such as belt shape or rod shape. The fitting part should pay attention to rust prevention.

These are the two commonly used methods of temperature control in the production process of plastic molds.

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