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The Processing Performance of Thermoplastics in Plastic Mold

Dongguan Plastic mold factory colleagues, now just finished the Spring Festival, I do not know you are busy, anyway, I am very busy editing, and now even update the site time to squeeze out. Not to say today, we introduce the plastic mold in the thermoplastic molding process performance.

(ABS) Nylon, organic glass) Weak water (polyethylene) water content, easy to blister, need to dry.

    <2> Plastic state:

        1, glassy state: the general state of plastic TG higher than room temperature.

        2, high elasticity: the temperature in the TG, the polymer becomes as soft as rubber, flexible.

        3, viscous flow: dip fluid temperature above the polymer appeared plastic flow and viscous liquid flow area shift, plastic molding processing in the material of the viscous flow into the lead.

     <3> Liquidity:

         Plastic under a certain temperature and pressure, can fully full of mold cavity parts of the performance, called liquidity.

         Poor mobility, injection molding to be greater pressure; mobility is too good, prone to salivation and cause parts overflow.

     <Four> Rheological properties: polymer under the action of external mobility and deformation of the nature of rheological properties.

         Newtonian fluid and non - Newtonian fluid.

         Newtonian fluid mainly depends on (flow deformation) shear stress, shear rate and absolute viscosity, low molecular weight liquid or solution fluid is Newtonian fluid.

         Most of the polymer melt behaves as a non-Newtonian fluid during the molding process.

     Crystallization: whether the crystallization of crystallization.

         Amorphous plastic and crystalline plastic.

         Crystalline: nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene, amorphous plastic: ABS

     Heat and water sensitivity.

     In the molten state, the two plastics can be fused together, can not be layered, peeling.

     Stress cracking and melt fracture.

     Thermal performance and cooling rate.

     Molecular orientation (orientation).

     <Eleven> contraction.

     <12> Toxic, irritating, corrosive.


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