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Plastic mold ejection force calculation - starts pure dry to share in the New Year

Words dongguan Plastic mold factory, my friends, you start not? Anyway, small make up I was already started many days. Today we bring you: plastic mold ejection force calculation - starts pure dry to share in the New Year.

(1) (stripping) in cooling stereotypes in the mould, due to the volume contraction, produce bag tension force.

(2) class without hole shell plastic parts, mold release to overcome the atmospheric pressure.

The movement of the friction resistance (3) organization.

(4) the adhesion strength between with mould.

The initial knockout press, began to release into the moment resistant to overcome resistance.

Behind the stripping force, prevent to ejection force, smaller than the initial knockout press, prevent to calculate the ejection force, general computing the initial knockout press.

A. ejection force and the plastic parts wall thickness, core length, perpendicular to the parting direction about parts of the projection area, the value, the greater the stripping force.

B. plastic shrinkage rate, the greater the elastic modulus E, the greater the ejection force.

C. plastic parts with core friction shu, shu is stripping resistance.

D. out of the atmospheric pressure and plastic pieces of adhesion of core factors, such as the large core bevel to plastic parts fall off automatically.

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