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The management of drawings within the plastic mold factory

Plastic mold factory internal drawings of management can be said to be one of mold factory management details, small make up for everybody introduction before should be from the details of the management of plastic mold factory, plastic mold factory today, we take a look at the internal drawing management.

1. Bill of materials: according to the model number on the bill of materials folder.

2. Mold internal model order material: according to the date on the material order folder.

3. The modular figure: according to the product name and order one by one on each folder inside, each set of die mould figure in order to:

Qualifying figure to explosion diagram and assembly drawing, thimble figure - line cut figure - part drawing, etc.

4. 2 d assembly drawing of products: in the product assembly drawing folder (including assembly drawing, color graphics, mould structure order).

5. Internal information: in the data folder (design standards and management scheme, etc.).

6. Empty table: near the printer.

7. Mold schedule and schedule in a folder.


Number 1. The material list must fill in the clear: die and mould copper material name, date, producer, ordered must indicate what material is, whether the CNC, order after careful check.

2. Clear your name written on the drawings to sign for single, date, name of drawing edition, number of sheets.

3. Bill of materials, drawings to sign for single punch is allowed, the top right-hand corner of the drawings to sign for the single when binding to sign for the with had left upper corner of the drawings.

At the same time, all drawings must be sent to the workshop leader or supervisor sign, are not allowed to take white figure to the workshop.

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