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Design of guide post in the manufacture of plastic mold

Today is August 17, blink of an eye has been to mid-August, the summer has also been more than half of the students are ready to go to school, and we as a mold of Dongguan mold mold people want to continue to work. Today we will introduce the design of plastic pillar in the manufacture of plastic mold.

Guide column design points are as follows:

1. The diameter of the guide column depends on the size of the mold, but must have sufficient bending strength, and the surface to wear, the core to be tough, so the guide column material used low carbon steel (20) carburizing quenching, or With carbon tool steel (T8, T10) quenching, hardness of 50 ~ 55HRC.

2. The length of the guide column should usually be higher than the punch end 6 ~ 8mm, so as not to guide the column is not guided when the punch first into the cavity and its collision and damage.

3. The end of the guide post is often designed to be tapered or hemispherical, easy to guide the column into the guide hole.

4. Pilot with the accuracy of the column. The guide column and the guide hole are usually used with the gap with H7 / f6, or H8 / f8, and the guide column and the mounting hole is used with the transition with H7 / m6, or H7 / k6, with part of the roughness of Ra = 0.8 at the same time need attention, Use a proper fixing method to prevent the guide post from coming out of the mounting hole.

5. The diameter of the guide post depends on the dimensions of the mold template. The larger the template size, the greater the center distance between the guide posts, and the greater the diameter of the selected guide posts.

Note: The above information from the Jiezheng mold  finishing  on the Internet, welcome reproduced, indicate the source!


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