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Key points of design of mold mold release

Today, to late April, Dongguan Plastic mold factory said that this year for the plastic mold design talent is really very difficult, from the beginning of this year has been moved to the end of April have not found. Well, gossip less, today we look at the plastic mold stripping slope design points.

In order to facilitate the plastic parts stripping, to prevent stripping when the plastic parts, must be in the plastic parts inside and outside the surface release direction left enough slope α, said in the mold stripping slope.

Stripping slope depends on the shape of plastic parts, wall thickness and plastic shrinkage, generally take 30 '~ 1 ° 30'.

Demoulding direction

1. The outline is based on the big end, and the slope is taken from the reduced direction

2. The inner shape is based on the small end, and the slope is obtained from the extended direction

Stripping slope design points:

1. Plastic parts with high precision, with a smaller stripping angle

2. High size plastic parts, using a smaller stripping angle

3. Plastic parts of the complex shape is not easy to mold, choose a larger slope

4. Reinforced plastic with a larger stripping slope

5. Shrinkage is large, the slope increases

6. Lubricant-containing plastic with a smaller release angle

From the retention mode to consider: stay in the core, the inner surface of the stripping slope <outside the surface; stay in the cavity, the outer surface stripping slope <inner surface.


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