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Measures for eliminating vibration during cutting of plastic mould

When the vibration problem exists, the basic measure is to reduce the cutting force. This can be achieved by using the correct tool, method and cutting parameters.
Adhere to the following proven effective recommendations:
1 select the tooth pitch or unequal pitch milling cutter.
2 use positive rake angle, small cutting force slot shape.
3 use small cutting edge passivation radius (ER) blade. From thick coating to thin coating. Use uncoated blades if necessary. High toughness blade grades shall be used as fine grain particles.
4 use large feed per tooth. Reduce the speed, maintain the table feed (equal to the larger feed per tooth). Or maintain the speed and increase the table feed (larger feed per tooth). Do not reduce the feed per tooth.
5 reducing longitudinal and axial cutting depth.
6 stable handle, such as the leader of Capto. Use as large handle sizes as possible for optimum stability. Use taper extension rod to obtain maximum rigidity.
7 for large suspension, the use of damping teeth with unequal pitch cutter cutter combined with the shock rod. When the milling cutter is installed, the milling cutter is directly connected with the shock absorbing handle.
8 milling cutter deviation from workpiece center.
9 if the use of even teeth cutter - can be removed every other tooth a blade.


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