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The basic concept of plastic moulds used in plastic

Today is annual eighth day, is a lot of dongguan Plastic mold factory days of commencement of business. The general colleagues engaged in plastic mold industry, after celebrating the New Year, have into their work. Jiezheng mould today editor for everybody to chickens in the first article technology: the basic concept of plastic mold used in plastic.

< a >, plastic definition and composition,

Plastic refers to high polymer synthetic resin as the main ingredient, under a certain temperature and pressure with plastic and liquid, can be with molding into a certain shape, and under certain conditions keep unchanged shape material.

Composition: polymer synthetic resin (40 ~ 100%)

Auxiliary material, plasticizer, filler and stabilizer, lubricant, colouring agent, foaming agent, reinforced material.

Role: auxiliary material to improve the use of material properties and processing performance, save resin material (expensive)

< 2 > plastic categories:

More than 300 varieties, is more than 40 kinds of commonly used

Name is what makes some synthetic resin as a name to call: polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC resin, phenolic resin, oxygen, commonly known as: bakelite (phenolic resin), organic glass (poly (methyl acrylic acid fat), FRP (glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin);

English name: nylon (polyamide) PA, PE PE

Classification: thermosetting plastics and thermoplastic plastics (according to the molecular structure of the plastic)

1, thermoplastic plastics

With linear chain into bracket structure heating become soft, curing ling but irreversible

2, thermosetting plastic:

With net molecular chain structure heating softening, irreversible after curing.

General plastic: refers to the production of large, widely used. A class of cheap plastic. Such as: PE, pp, PVC, polystyrene, aldehyde phenolic plastics, amino plastics account for 60% of the plastic production

Engineering plastics: refers to the mechanical properties of high, alternative metal and a class of engineering materials, nylon, poly phosphate ester, pom, ABS

Special plastic: gap oxygen resin

< 3 > plastic performance

1, light quality, density of 0.9 ~ 0.23 g/cm ^ foam 0.189 g/cm

2, higher than strength, is 1/10 of the metal material strength. Glass fiber reinforced plastic strength is higher

3, chemistry stability is good

4, good electrical insulation performance

5, good insulation

6, easy molding processability, than metal

7, inadequate: strength and stiffness than metal, not hot. Under 100 c thermal expansion coefficient is big, easy to creep, aging.

This is one small make up to bring us the first article in the New Year, the basic concept of plastic mold used in plastic, hope to help the masses of colleagues.

Note: the above information by jiezheng mould finishing on the Internet, welcome to reprint, indicate the source!


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