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The function and function of plastic mold

A few days ago due to delay a few days to update the site, today is May 26, and see the Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. Dongguan Plastic mold factory colleagues, how are you ready to spend the Dragon Boat Festival? Today for everyone to briefly introduce the function and function of plastic mold.

Modern product production, the mold because of its high efficiency, good interchangeability, saving raw materials, so get a wide range of applications.

The products of modern industrial products are widely used in stamping, forming forging, die casting, extrusion molding, plastic injection or other forming processing methods, and forming molds. The single or multi-channel forming process is used to form materials or blanks into Parts that meet the requirements of the product, or as semi-finished parts before finishing. Such as car cover, shall adopt multiple molds,

Punching, deepening, flanging, bending, trimming, trimming, shaping and other multi-channel processes, forming processing for qualified parts; TV shell, washing machine barrel is a plastic injection method, after a injection molding for qualified parts ; Engine crankshaft, connecting rod is used forging forming mold, rolling forging and forging forming processing for precision machining before the semi-finished blanks.

High precision, high efficiency, long life die, plastic injection molding mold, can form hundreds of thousands of pieces, or even tens of millions of product parts, such as a carbide die, stamping silicon steel parts (! Set rotor pieces) billion pieces, said the mold for the mass production of mold.

The molds suitable for multi-species, small batch, or product trial are: combination die, quick change die, laminated die or forming mold, low melting point alloy forming mold, etc., in the modern processing industry, has important economic value, called this Mold for the general, economic mold.

With the development of modern industry and science and technology, the application of mold is more and more extensive, and its adaptability is getting stronger and stronger. Has become a sign of industrial manufacturing level and an independent basic industrial system.

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