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How to carry on the quality control of plastic mold factory

Today, after the official end of a National Day little long holiday, but we dongguan Plastic mold factory friends already come back to post one. Today we are going to talk about how to plastic mold factory for quality management.

1 each workshop shall strictly implement the provisions of the "program files", perform their duties, coordinate work.

2 for key process according to the provisions of the "program files" strict control, to appear abnormal situation, to find out the reason, ruled out in time, make the quality is always in a state of stable control.

3 seriously implement the system of "three inspection" (self-check, mutual inspection, inspection, operation personnel for their products to do self-inspection, after inspection, can turn into the process, the process on the process of product inspection, unqualified products shall have the right to refuse to receive. When quality accident is found responsible check is not clear don't pass, the cause of the accident has not ruled out, prevention measures were formulated.

4 workshop are responsible for the production quality of the products, accomplish the unqualified materials are not put into production, unqualified semi-finished products do not flow into the next process.

5 strictly divided into "three areas" (pending area, scrap area, circulation area), do logo clearly, quantity, accurate and timely processing.

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