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How to fix plastic mold parts and the type of mold that is applicable

Today is July 10th, and another 3 minutes have passed in a month. I am trying to get out of the adversity of the editor of Dongguan Plastic Mould. Life and death are rich and rich, and I believe that I can overcome myself. This is the spirit of Dongguan plastic mold people. Today we will introduce the fixing method of plastic mold parts and the applicable mold types.

1. Fastener method A fixing method most commonly used, but not for smaller mold parts.

2. Oblique block fixing method It is suitable for occasions where it is not convenient to machine screw holes on convex and concave molds.

3. Wire fixing method It is suitable for the case where multiple punches are installed on the same fixed plate.

4. Press-in method Suitable for punching punches and various mold parts with blank thickness t≤6mm.

5. Riveting method Suitable for punching punches with blank thickness t≤2mm and other parts with small axial pullout force.

6. The welding method is suitable for cemented carbide molds.

7. Hot-sleeve method Applicable to the fixing of the inlaid convex and concave molds and the reinforcement of the cemented carbide concave molds.

8. Low-melting alloy fixing method It is suitable for fixing punches, female molds, guide columns and guide sleeves in mold assembly, as well as casting and forming discharge plates.

9. Epoxy resin fixing method Suitable for fixing punch, guide post, guide sleeve and casting molding discharge hole.

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