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Dongguan plastic mold factory: ali 1688 upgrade adjustment will you continue to trustpass?

Just yesterday, 1688 announced the latest confirmed: since July 1, 2016, trustpass upgrade is adjusted for tech-oriented trustpass, unified price into 6688, old members in March 31, 2017, only one chance in 3688 renewal. Dongguan Plastic mold factory colleagues whether you go or stay?


Earlier this year, small make up to give up their ideal education industry turn into the mold industry, referred to as the "mother of the industry, mould industry believes that the people will hear slightly, but at the same time the mold industry and traditional industry, highly developed in today's society, under the impact of cloud computing, Internet +," 4.0 "industrial age, big data, 3 d printing technology, the cloud era, these is a listen to is the name of the tall, hear small make up can't help exclamation oneself has been thoroughly altman (out, out of date). In this era of the cloud, the traditional industry to develop, how the transformation and upgrading? Believe that this is also a problem in today's manufacturing industry entrepreneurs are discussed. Early a few years ago, the big, many manufacturing industries have joined the Internet, once upon a time a few years of enterprise website, to now ali trustpass and hc360 members. The earlier this year, since the small make up in ali, automobil, and enterprise network has left the company after contact, receive all kinds of phone really is in an endless stream. Everyone thought I was received an order for a lot of customer service telephone is, that you and I really is too simple. I received is various, the style type of sell phone, such as ali trustpass member agents, hc360 bid opening, baidu promotion, including invoice, loans, futures, and so on the phone, the real customer order the phone is really rare.

Many manufacturing industry colleagues have their own enterprise website, some still joined baidu bid, integrity and hc360 members, I really want to investigate these entrepreneurs, look at you they joined so many network marketing platform, whether more or returned. Believe that since most of the manufacturing sector has always insisted on in the Internet marketing platform, its own their profit, after all kua this business who also don't want to touch.

Ali trustpass upgrade again, this time, the last upgrade is 13 years from 1688 to 1688, this upgrade is 6688, but our concern should not only just change his price, to know more about the upgrade adjustment to join what new elements, whether to upgrade value isn't worth the price.


Manufacturing industry, to upgrade is early or stay? This should combine the characteristics of its own consideration, combined with their own actual situation and industry analysis, positioning its own enterprise product marketing channel is a network (mainly off-line (main), if your product is suitable for online sales, and profitable, it will stick to it. However, for some small and medium-sized mold processing factory or the generation process of mold factory, not their own products, and a year to the upper doesn't even have an order may be considered.

Finally, to upgrade the slogan of ali: every upgrade to make progress together with you. Dongguan plastic mold factory friends, you can synchronize with ali? And this January, each enterprise, may be you will also receive a lot of warm prompt about trustpass upgrade the phone, so please don't too care.


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