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Design of Shunt in Design of Plastic Mold

Plastic mold design in the design of the flow channel refers to the plastic melt from the main channel into the multi-cavity mold cavity of the various channels, the flow of the flow from the flow of diversion, requiring the melt pressure and heat loss in the shunt in the small.

(1) Cross section of shunt:

          A, graphic cross-section: small surface area (flow channel surface area and its volume ratio), heat loss is small, but difficult to manufacture, diameter 5 ~ 10mm

          B, trapezoidal: processing more convenient, which h / D = 2/3 ~ 4/5 side slope 5 ~ 15 °

          C, u-shaped: easy processing, h / R = 5/4

          D, semi-circular: h / R = 0.9

       (2) The size of the cross-section of the diversion channel depends on the size of the plastic part, the injection speed of the variety and the length of the diversion channel.

         General shunt straight through 5 ~ 6mm below, the greater impact on mobility, when the straight by more than 8mm, the impact of less liquidity.

       (3) multi-cavity mold, the distribution of the flow channel:

           A, balanced and non-balanced:

             Balanced: The shape of the shunt is the same size.

             Unbalanced: a, close to the main channel gate size is designed to be larger than the main channel away from the gate size.

           B, the diversion channel can not be too long, too slender, temperature, pressure plus the General Assembly from the main channel far more difficult to fill the cavity.

           C, generally need to repair several times, conditioning to achieve balance.

           D, even if the material and fill the balance, but the material time is not the same, the product out of the size and performance are different, high demand for products should not be used.

           E, non-balanced distribution, short length of the diversion channel.

           F, if the diversion channel is longer, the size of the diversion channel head along the melt forward direction for a long time for the cold material hole, so that the refrigerant will not enter the cavity.

           G, shunt and cavity layout, the use of plastic parts projection area of the total center of gravity and injection molding machine clamping force line coincidence.

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