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Selection of parting surface and insert needle in plastic mold design

The forming parts are usually refers to the parts of those involved in sealing glue, such as before and after the mold inserts in the inner mold, pin and the side core pulling mechanism for inclined roof, and so on, these parts to ensure the accuracy of the appearance of the product plays a decisive role. Dongguan Plastic mold factory below the editor with everyone look at the design of plastic mold design and the choice of the mold insert.

1 parting line (surface) choice: first traces the parting line directly in appearance, so it must be in the design before reading customer data carefully, understand the customer on the outer surface of the product requirements; secondly, reasonable design of die face or not will directly affect the formation and exhaust products again; divided into mode, will be directly related to the cost of mould processing, rational selection of parting surface, the design process requires engineering plastic mold of the rich experience, a product might have design, but only a truly comprehensive and reasonable plan, usually choose the mold parting surface should be considered from the following aspect: on the premise of meeting the customer demands, the parting surface quality for products, simple, easy to process and reduce the cost of mould principle.

2: insert and pin mold reason to design inserts (needle) there are two main reasons: to melt processing and filling of the cavity and vulnerable parts and reduce the processing cost and so on, but the insert (needle) design tends to reduce the mold strength and stiffness, and will cause local stress concentration. To comply with the following so on mould insert design: first, to meet customer requirements, the appearance of the second, consider the overall service life of the mold, as far as possible to avoid the local stress concentration, which can be mounted to be inserted to the local is not set.

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