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Plastic mold way to raise the capacity of mold temperature adjusting

In the process of plastic mold injection molding, mold temperature directly affects the quality of the plastic molding, but also decides the production efficiency. Let's take a look at the way to raise the capacity of mold temperature adjusting method what are:

Number 1, mold opening size as large as possible, as much as possible of the cooling channels, to increase the heat transfer area, shorten the cooling time, improve production efficiency.

2, high thermal conductivity of mold material. Die material is usually selected steel material, but in some difficult to heat dissipation, optional copper, aluminum

3, alloy used as insert, of course, the premise is that under the condition of guarantee mould stiffness and strength.

4, cooling price usually use room temperature water, cooling water out, the entrance temperature difference is less than 50 as well, the cooling water flow rate as high as possible as well.

5, plastic pieces of the thinner wall thickness, the required cooling time is less. Conversely wall thickness is thicker, the longer the cooling time required.

6 the distribution of the cooling, cooling the loop LuJu cavity distance and interval between channel should be able to ensure uniform temperature on the surface of the cavity.

7, strengthen the gate cooling, plastic molding, near the gate when the highest temperature near the gate is therefore best to strengthen the cooling.


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