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The design principles of plastic mold plastic products (part 2)

Near the New Year, Chinese New Year has entered the countdown, we already have on return journey home for the holiday. Jiezheng mold editor still remaining jobs today to introduce the lower part, the design principles of plastic mold plastic products.

Fourth, to strengthen

Design principle:

< a > intermediate stiffener is lower than the outer wall above 0.5 mm, easy bearing surface flat.

< 2 > should avoid or decrease the local accumulation of plastic.

< 3 > muscle of cases to follow within the cavity of the direction of flow.

Five, the supporting surface

Plastic parts are generally not in the plane as a bearing surface, and replaced by the borders, foot as a bearing surface.

Six, rounded corners

Required parts and each corner with rounded corners (arc) transition, due to the Angle of stress concentration easily.

Plastics have rounded corners, be helpful for the flow of plastic molding and plastic parts ejection, the appearance of the plastic parts well, is advantageous to the mold strength and service life.

Seven, hole (slot)

Parts of the hole 3 kinds of processing methods:

(1) model molding directly.

(2) molding into blind hole drilling.

(3) the plastic molding before drilling. Molding the shallow hole well first.

1, molding hole aperture ratio (length and diameter smaller than), when the aperture < 1.5 MM, due to the mold core bending break easily, is not suitable for the three ways of molding mold cores.

2, underground hole depth: h < d (3, 5)

H d < 1.5, < 3 d

3, special-shaped hole (slot) design

Plastic parts such as with side holes or grooves, requires the activity block or core-pulling mechanism "parallel shot into the principle of" lateral holes on a plastic part (slot) is suitable for stripping.

Thermoplastic soft and elastic, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyformaldehyde guide products, inner hole and outside can be forced demoulding as shallow.

Eight, thread

Came out of the plastic thread available molded, or cutting method for usually fold or force big, want to use

The screw thread insert to metal forming.

Nine, insert

In order to increase the plastic products as a whole or a part of the strength and stiffness, meet the requirements of use, often set metal insert in plastic body.

Due to the decoration, or some special needs, the surface of the plastic products often text pattern.

1, mark

2, embossed, such as handles, knobs, hand wheel products of solid edge, in order to increase the friction, straight grain embossed to make it, so that the mold release.

3, decorative pattern, embossed, leather grain, orange peel grain, grain wave grain, plaid, lozenge grain.

Processing method of decorative pattern: edm, camera chemical abrasion, cold extrusion carving.

Note: the above information by dongguan Plastic mold factory to sort out on the Internet, welcome to reprint, indicate the source!


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