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Plastic mould surface conditions on the influence of the polishing process

In the polishing process of Plastic mold factory, there are many factors influencing the polishing process, and plastic mold surface condition is one of the influencing factors. And to see Jiezhen mould small make up for your analysis.

Steel in the process of the broken of cutting machining, the surface will be damaged by heat, internal stress, or other factors, improper cutting parameters affect the polishing effect. After the edm surface is much more difficult than ordinary mechanical processing or the surface of the heat treatment after grinding, so fine gauge should be used before the end of edm edm dressing, otherwise will form the surface hardening thin layer. If improper selection edm refinement gauge the depth of the heat affected layers of up to 0.4 mm. Hardening of the thin layer of hardness is higher than matrix hardness, must be removed. So it's best to increase a coarse grinding, thoroughly remove damaged surface layer, average constitute a rough metal surface, polishing processing to provide a good foundation.

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