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Injection Molding and Compression Molding in Plastic Mold Injection Molding

Two days ago because of the delay in the website of the article published today, make up today, Dongguan Plastic mold factory editor for everyone to introduce plastic mold injection molding and compression molding.

(1) injection molding

 The granular or powdered plastic raw material is added to the barrel of the injection machine, heated and melted into a viscous flow state, and then, under the pushing of the screw or plunger, the molten plastic enters the closed at a certain flow rate through the nozzle at the front end of the barrel Mold cavity, after a certain pressure, the plastic in the mold cooling, hardening stereotypes, and then open the mold, from the mold out of the plastic parts.

Injection molds are mainly used for molding thermoplastics

(2) compression molding

In the case of compression molding, the powdered, granular, fragmented or fibrous thermosetting plastic raw material is directly fed into the open mold charging chamber, and then the mold is heated to melt the plastic, and the molten plastic is filled with cavities under the clamping pressure At this time, the plastic in the cavity to produce chemical cross-linking reaction, the molten plastic gradually into a non-melting hardening stereotypes of plastic parts, and finally remove the plastic parts from the mold.

The compression mold is mainly used for forming thermosetting plastics


1) no pouring system, the structure is relatively simple

2) plastic parts within the organization of small, low degree of orientation, performance is relatively uniform

3) Shrinkage is small

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