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What are the cutting characteristics of cast iron in plastic mold processing?

Qingming small holiday has been two days, and whether you are sharing a bicycle surrounded by round and round it? Editor I delayed some days because of the update, today to share the plastic mold processing cast iron cutting characteristics.

The higher the hardness and strength of the cast iron, the lower the metal cutting performance, the lower the life expectancy from the blade and the tool. Cast iron for metal cutting produces most of its type of metal cutting performance is generally good. Metal cutting performance and structure-related, harder pearlite cast iron processing is also more difficult. Flake graphite cast iron and malleable cast iron have excellent cutting properties, while ductile iron is quite bad.

The main types of wear encountered when processing cast iron are: abrasion, adhesion and diffusion wear. The abrasion is mainly produced by carbides, sand gauges and hard cast finishes. Bonding of BUE has occurred at low cutting temperatures and cutting speeds. The ferrite part of the cast iron is most likely to be welded to the blade, but this can be overcome by increasing the cutting speed and temperature.

On the other hand, diffusion wear is related to temperature, which occurs at high cutting speeds, especially when using high strength cast iron grades. These grades have a high resistance to deformation, resulting in high temperatures. This wear is related to the role of cast iron and the tool, which makes some cast iron need to use ceramic or cubic boron nitride (CBN) tool at high speed processing, in order to obtain a good tool life and surface quality.

Generally, the typical tool properties required for machining cast iron are: high heat hardness and chemical stability, but also related to process, workpiece and cutting conditions; require cutting edge toughness, thermal fatigue wear and edge strength. The degree of satisfaction of the cutting cast iron depends on how the wear of the cutting edge develops: rapid dullness means hot cracks and gaps that cause the cutting edge to break prematurely, the workpiece is damaged, the surface is poor, and the waviness is too large. Normal flank wear, keep the balance and sharp cutting edge is generally needed to be done.

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