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Plastic mold side pumping mechanism design

When the mold with cavity direction different inside and outside of the hole or ce concave, not directly from plastic, therefore forming side holes and side concave parts must be made of movable, referred to as the core, in plastic mold release before you take out activity cores, then the ejection parts in the mold, complete the activity core out and reset institutions called core-pulling mechanism.

1, the classification of the side pumping mechanism

Who can get the side core-pulling or side parting and buckle the reset action to out the product, to settle the position such as agency, known as the side pumping mechanism, side pumping mechanism classification:

1) is divided into: from the role position of mould on the slider, mould slider, technoloy

2) from power can be divided into manual side parting core-pulling, motor side slide block mechanism and hydraulic pressure (pressure) lateral slide block mechanism

2, the commonly used motor side pumping mechanism design points

Sp parting and core pulling mechanism was divided into spring, inclined guide pillar, bent pin, oblique guide groove, salmon and technoloy, chute, gear and rack, etc., is in commonly used often USES a combination of several ways at the same time, in order to achieve the best effect. The most widely used of oblique guide pillar


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