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Control of mold temperature in plastic mould factory

  In the production process of plastic mould factory, the proper control of the surface temperature of the core and the mold cavity is very important for the production of high quality products. Here we look at how the I plastic mold temperature control.
       For the independent control of the temperature of the two halves of the mold, usually require a dual zone or separate controller. In order to make the cycle time the longest, and effectively control the tolerance of the parts, the unity of the mold temperature control is very important. For large cavity or core, it is generally recommended to keep the steel temperature below 20 DEG F (- 7 DEG C), and small in below 5 degrees F (- 15 DEG C). The greater the degree of freedom in the process of control, the greater the degree of freedom. With Ge resin molded parts and the typical mold cooling system with 1 / 2 inch (12.7 mm) or larger cooling channel, the interval of 1-1 / 2 inches ~ 2 inches (38 ~ 50.8 mm), ratio of mould cavity and core surface low 1 / 2 inch (12.7 mm). Difficult to access areas that can be used, such as SEAL LOGIC, THERMALPINS or other temperature control devices such as foam machines to help control temperature.
        The correct temperature control, can make the mold surface evenly heated. The great temperature difference on the surface of the mold can produce different cooling rate, which leads to the injection molding stress of the parts. The same reason, the temperature difference between the core and the mold cavity, generally not more than 40 degrees F (22 degrees C).

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