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Plastic mold injection molding process

After completion of plastic mould processing and manufacturing, has come to an important step, is injection molding. Dongguan Plastic mold factory today under the editor is to introduce the plastic mold injection molding process, mainly including the preparation for injection molding, injection process and reprocessing of products.

A, the preparation for injection molding

1) raw material inspection and preprocessing

2) for the water imbibition is strong plastic (PC, PA, PSU, PMMA) : dry processing

3) insert preheating, reduce internal stress

4) cylinder cleaning: plastic or different color is not consistent, to be clean.

5) the selection of mold release:

Zinc stearate (with the exception of PA high temperature mold), general plastics are available;

Liquid paraffin, white oil, low temperature mold); Silicone oil (manual spraying)

Second, the injection process

Include: feeding, plasticizing, molding, pressure, flow back, cooling and demoulding steps

Three, products of post-processing

Objective: to reduce internal stress, stable size. Methods: annealing processing, wet processing.

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