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Technology in plastic injection mold production process inspection should include what kind of work

In the process of Plastic mold factory production, technical inspection is very important. This is because the plastic mould generally belong to the individual production, and use of more expensive raw materials. Therefore, in order to eliminate waste, reduce cost, improve the quality of the individual parts and assembly, is in the process of production must be the processing quality of each parts according to design requirements to conduct a comprehensive inspection, to make it meet the requirements of technical standard, in order to improve the plastic mould precision grade and durability.

In general, plastic mold manufacturing technology of inspection mainly includes the following contents:

(1) plastic mold material quality inspection.

(2) the size of the plastic mould processing parts precision measurement.

(3) plastic mold parts form error measurement and inspection.

(4) plastic mold parts position error measurement.

(5) plastic mold parts hardness testing.

(6) plastic mould parts of the surface roughness of the test.

(7) plastic mold profile, cavity detection.

Plastic injection mold assembly (8) after the appearance of quality testing.

(9) plastic mold inner quality nondestructive flaw detection.

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