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A missing rubber plastic mold products

Plastic mould products in the process of production of the most common defects is lack of material. Lack of material is generally determined by the shape of the mould and material of liquidity. But when it is due to processing conditions set materials, molding conditions set should be set in the direction of the material liquid, namely improve barrel temperature, die temperature, improve the injection rate and injection pressure.

A few reasons for lack of material analysis:

1. The shortage of the injection pressure;

2. The lack of the pressure in the mold;

3. The shortage of the material liquidity;

4. Air escape bad inside cavity;

5. Gate unbalance;

6. Within the cavity exhaust design side not Gao Mingshi, caused the air inside mould difficult to escape, in addition to products caused by lack of material, or the cause of fusion products burn mark and mark.

The solution,

1. Improve the mold temperature, feeding tube temperature, injection pressure increase, add gas evolution at parting surface groove depth (0.02 ~ 0.04 mm) 5 ~ 10 mm wide.

2. Increase the gate, increase the flow, in each module and several more occasions, the cavity is short of material and enlarge the gate of the cavity, and change the configuration flow boundary, and gas evolution pin, improve the mould finish.

3. Avoid the thickness of the different design products, where product thickness thick additional gate, to understand the products, appropriate use liquid material as far as possible.

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