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Guide column guide sleeve design and processing in the plastic mold in what

Saying that this year's Dongguan Plastic mold factory industry friends this year is not less and less, edit my mold factory this year from the beginning to the present has not been attracted to the mold design engineers, we have recommended talent? Today for everyone to briefly introduce the guide column design and processing in the plastic mold in what kind of.

The aperture is matched with the guide post, and the H7 / h6 is generally used. In order to ensure the guiding effect, the guide pin is required, and the clearance of the guide sleeve is smaller than that of the concave and punch. The outer diameter and the mold base match, using H7 / r6 interference with the other end with the guards sliding with. In order to ensure the accuracy of the processing in addition to the guide column, guide sleeve with the fit of precision requirements, but also to meet the coaxial between the surface.

In order to make the guide column, guide sleeve with the surface hard and wear and the central part of a good toughness, with T10A, the surface wear. Toughness. Not easy to break. Heat treatment requirements: surface hardening, low temperature tempering HRC ≥ 55HRC. The guide column in the heat treatment to repair the center hole, and finally grinding, the use of both ends of the center hole for clamping, and should be a clamping in the column of the two cylindrical grinding out to ensure that the two surfaces Concentricity.

Road sets of grinding, in order to achieve coaxial requirements. With this method of processing, the clamping force should not be too large, so as not to deformation of the hole. Or first grinding the inner circle, and then an inner circle positioning, with a fixed tip to withstand the core shaft grinding round. This method of processing not only ensures coaxiality, but also prevents the mating surface from scratching during exercise.

Therefore, after all the grinding, you must use the stone to round the arc at the smooth, to eliminate the grinding in the arc after the band.

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