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Dongguan plastic mold factory, formulate principles and steps of the procedure

In the process of plastic mold manufacturing, we tend to develop a procedure, so what are respectively formulate principles and steps of the procedure. Jiezhen mould below small make up take you to take a look at.

A, the principle of making procedure: with the least amount of labor and the lowest cost, reliable work out in accordance with drawings and technical requirements of parts. The rationality of the technically advanced and economically, good working conditions.

Second, the formulation procedure of steps:

Figure 1, the product of the equipment and parts analyze and review process;

2, determine the production type;

3, determine the type and size of blank;

4, select on the surface of the locating datum and the main processing methods, formulate parts processing technology route;

5, determine the allowance for each process and calculating the dimensions, tolerances, and put forward technical requirements;

6, determine the machine tool, process equipment, cutting dosage and time quota;

7, fill out the process documents.

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