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Mold and the relationship between the injection molding machine you know how much

I believe in the Plastic mold factory colleagues, when it comes to plastic mold will think of injection molding machine. Then the relationship between plastic mold and injection molding machine you know how much, today we take a look.

The maximum injection pressure, the maximum clamping force, the maximum molding area, the maximum and minimum die thickness, the maximum open mold lead, the size of the injection hole, the nozzle radius of the spray, injection motor template Of the top hole, the machine tool board mounting screw hole or the position and size of the word slot.

1, type: horizontal, vertical, right angle.

2, the maximum injection amount of choice.

The amount of the weight or volume of the maximum melt of a single injection of polyethylene is the nominal injection amount of the injection machine.

The total amount of plastic pouring flow = 0.8 nominal injection volume

3, injection area approved.

The maximum injection area refers to the maximum projected area of the plastic parts allowed on the parting surface of the mold, and the total pressure applied to the cavity on the area is less than the allowable clamping force of the injection machine.

 4, injection machine lead and the relationship between the mold.

Hmin ≤ H ≤ Hmax Hmax = Hmin + L

Where H - the closing height of the mold

Hmin - the minimum closing height of the injection machine

Hmax - the maximum closing height of the injection machine

L - screw adjustable length

S ≥ H1 + H2 + (5 ~ 10) - Horizontal Vertical Injection Machine

Which H1 - stripping distance

H2 - plastic height (including gate length)

S - injection of Yang allowed to open the mold lead

5, mold installation and ejection form

The maximum size of the mold can be installed, depending on the size of the injection molding machine and the spacing of the drawbars.


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