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The shortcoming of high speed cutting mould processing process

During the process of mould processing, high speed cutting is a very, very common processing ways, but high-speed cutting is also have certain disadvantages. As a result of the starting process with high acceleration and deceleration and stop, guide, ball screw, and the main shaft bearing wear relatively fast, which often lead to higher maintenance costs.

1. Require specialized knowledge of process, programming devices and rapidly transmit data interface.

2. It can be difficult to find and select senior technical staff.

3. Always have a long time debugging and out of order.

4. Without emergency stop in processing, result in human errors and the software or hardware failure will have many serious consequences.

5. Must have good processing plan - "provide food to hungry machine tool".

6. Must have a safety protection: use safety cover and prevent debris cover of machine tools. Avoid large overhanging cutter. Do not use "heavy" extension rod and knives. Regular inspection tools, if there is a fatigue crack extension rod and bolt. Use only indicate the highest spindle speed of cutting tools. Do not use high speed steel (HSS) cutting tools as a whole.

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