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Number and cavity layout of plastic mold cavity

When the parting surface is determined, we need to consider is the use of single or multi cavity mold cavity mold, determine the number of cavities, mainly with the injection machine maximum injection volume, rated locking force, plasticizing speed, the precision of products, production efficiency and other factors, the plastic parts production batch for mass production, we can use the structure of multi cavity mold.

General principles of cavity arrangement:

1 flow length to be appropriate, the flow of waste materials as little as possible, the gate location to be suitable uniform, feed to be balanced, but also to make the pressure of the cavity;

2 to ensure that the flow channel, the gate set of the mold cavity edge has a certain distance, in order to meet the sealing requirements;

3 to meet the space requirements of the die structure and so on;

4 in order to make the mold to achieve better cooling effect, attention should be paid to qualifying screws, putting influence on the cooling water, cooling water for the position;

5 qualifying to be as compact as possible to reduce the size of the mold, and a long and wide ratio to moderate, but also to take into account the requirements of the injection machine.

The determination of the type of cavity arrangement is mainly related to the maximum injection rate of the injection machine, the rated locking force, the speed of the plastic injection, the accuracy of the products, the economy of production and so on. Multiple points in the first mode, to take into account the balance of the glue, if there is a priority should be given to the direction of X or Y direction movement for easy processing. There is no flow of products between the time, can be appropriate to reduce the distance between the product, the minimum distance can be 50-100mm, if you have a passage through, then the distance to do 100-150mm.

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