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The purpose of heating and cooling in plastic molds

Yesterday was the first day of the college entrance examination, after all the candidates today, Panasonic can breathe a sigh of relief. But what about this matter? Think about the work I still work hard, today we introduce the plastic mold in the purpose of heating and cooling.


Thermosetting plastics require higher mold temperatures to facilitate cross-linking reactions

 Some thermoplastics also need to maintain more than 80 degrees of mold temperature, such as polyoxymethylene, polyphenylene ether

 large mold to warm up

Hot runner molds are widely used

cool down

The molding cycle is mainly dependent on the cooling setting time (about 80%), by reducing the mold temperature to shorten the cooling time, is to improve production efficiency of the key.

Mold temperature is too low

 plastic fluidity is poor, plastic parts contour is not clear, the surface dull;

Thermosetting plastics are insufficiently cured and have deteriorated significantly.

Mold temperature is too high

 easy to cause flash material sticky mold, plastic parts stripping difficult, large deformation;

Thermoset plastics are too familiar.

Uneven temperature

Core temperature difference is too large, plastic parts shrink uneven, increased internal stress, plastic deformation, size instability.


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