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General introduction about the mould

Many articles are talked about in front of plastic moulds, there may be some not engaged in mould industry friends, even without a concept what is mould, today small make up briefly the general introduction about the mould for you.

Mold is for the use of industrial production technology and equipment, mainly used in manufacturing and processing industry. It was made and stamping, forging, casting machinery, at the same time and non-metallic materials such as plastic, rubber, ceramic products processing machinery matching with the forming, used as a forming tool.

Mold belong to product of precision machinery, because it is mainly composed of mechanical parts and institutions, such as forming parts (punch and die), guide elements (guide pin, guide sleeve, etc.), supporting parts (mold base, etc.), positioning parts, etc.; Conveying mechanism, core pulling machine, push (top) (a), detection and security agencies, etc.

To improve the quality, performance and precision of the mould and the production efficiency, shorten the manufacturing cycle, its parts and components (also known as mould group), more consists of standard parts and components. So, the mould should belong to the high degree of standardization of products. A pair of small and medium mould or plastic injection mould, with 90% of standard parts and components, the man-hour saving rate is 25% - 25%.

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