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Plastic mould selecting principle of cutting parameter

Plastic moulds in rough machining, generally give priority to in order to improve the productivity, but also should consider efficiency and processing cost; Semi-finishing and finish machining, on the premise of guarantee the quality of machining, cutting efficiency, economy and processing cost. Below we together to learn about plastic mould selecting principle of cutting parameter.

Concrete numerical value should be according to the machine manual, and manual cutting parameter, and combined with the experience. The choice of the cutting speed depends mainly on processed workpiece material; The choice of feed speed depends mainly on processed the diameter of the workpiece material and tool. Tool manufacturer's sample attached tool cutting parameters selection table, available for reference. But the selection of cutting parameters at the same time, the machine tool, cutting tool system, processed workpiece shape and the influence of various factors such as the clamping way, should be adjusted according to actual condition cutting speed and feed speed. When the priorities for the knives' service life, can be appropriately reduce the cutting speed and feed rate; When the chip from the edge condition is bad, can be appropriately increase cutting speed

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