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Dongguan plastic mold factory mold assembly technology

What is a plastic mold assembly technology? Dongguan Plastic mold factory mold assembly technology process characteristics? Small Jiezhen plastic mold small make up answers one by one to you.

Plastic mold assembly concept: according to the mold assembly drawing and technical requirements, mold parts in a certain order to cooperate, positioning and installation, connection and fixed into the mold, and complete the whole process of adjustment, test and inspection.

Plastic mold assembly features: 1) process flexibility, process, process documentation is not in detail; 2) organization form the fixed multiple; 3) than manual operation.

Plastic mold assembly

Plastic mold assembly process: component assembly and final assembly.

Content of the plastic mold assembly: selective assembly benchmark - components to adjust, assembly and replacement - assembly - polishing - inspection or test.

Plastic mold assembly process planning: to guide the mold assembly of technical documents, including assembly sequence, assembly benchmark, assembly methods and requirements, the assembly process, necessary tools and equipment, test methods and acceptance.

Assembly precision requirements: 1) the location precision of some of the parts, such as moving, the position of upper and lower mold precision between die; 2) the movement precision of some of the parts, such as feeding precision of the feeding device, top block and discharge device; 3) related parts with precision, such as the degree of fit clearance and interference between parts; 4) related to the contact accuracy of parts, such as deep drawing die of forming on the surface of the data consistency.

Plastic mold assembly process method: 1) interchange technique 2) 3) adjustment method and replacement method

Swap method of assembling categories: 1) fully exchange method, control of parts manufacturing error is used to ensure the assembly precision of the method. Features: simple assembly process, high productivity; Requirements for workers technical level is not high, easy to assembly line and automatic assembly; Easy to implement specialized production, reduce costs; Spare parts supply and convenient. 2) incomplete swap method 3) grouping exchange method

Plastic mold assembly technology

Replacement method of assembling the advantages and disadvantages: 1) the reserve in some parts and replacement, assembly according to the actual need to mend the pre shaving to meet the requirements of assembly method. 2) advantage: high assembly accuracy, can loosen parts manufacturing precision. More than 3) disadvantages: increasing replacement work, the working hours and not easy to book and assembly quality depends on workers technical level, production efficiency is low.

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