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What is the wall thickness in the manufacture of plastic molds?

Today is in mid-May, and I feel that summer has arrived unconsciously. Now, time is really fast. Recently, the editing of plastic molds in Dongguan was really busy. It has been a long time since the website was updated. Today, for some time, we will introduce to you the thickness of plastic molds.

The thickness of the wall depends on the external forces that the product needs to withstand, whether it is used as a support for other parts, the number of columns to receive, the number of protrusions, and the choice of plastic material. The thickness of typical thermoplastics should be limited to 4mm. From an economic point of view, an overly thick product design not only increases material costs, prolongs the production cycle (cooling time), but also increases production costs. From a product design point of view, an excessively thick product increases the possibility of generating holes (pores), which greatly impairs the rigidity and strength of the product.

The ideal wall thickness distribution is undoubtedly that the cut surface is uniform in thickness at any place, but it is inevitable that changes in wall thickness are necessary to meet functional requirements. In this case, the transition from thick to thick place should be as smooth as possible. Too abrupt transitions in wall thickness can cause dimensional instability and surface problems due to the difference in cooling rates and turbulence.

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